PIZZA CONE is a locally owned fastfood that will be positioned as a national franchise

through our creative approach to company’s image, detail presentation and quality taste.

PIZZA CONE will provide excellent food at affordable pricing, fun packaging and atmosphere.

To be consumed while window shopping and walking around inside shopping mall or busy streets.

PIZZA CONE is the first pizza in a cone concept in the Visayas. It is prepared

in a unique cone crust that is filled with your favorite fresh ingredients mix with different type

of cheeses and flavors that will give a satisfying feeling.

Franchise are awarded nationwide as Unit or Area Franchise.


will be one of the most Successful fast food outlets in the Country.
Starting with the one outlet as a “market tester”.

Will strive to be a Premier fast food brand in local Market places. We want our Customers to have a. total Experience when visiting our Outlets as they team about our fascinating new “cone culture”.

Our main focus

is to serve high Quality food at good value for moneys